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Where theres a will, theres a way!

Oh man first off I have to say awesome job on the flash and your right, there have been some Mario/DBZ stuff but they werent as good but yea you did an excellent job on it. I loved the graphics and the style. The sound was put together very well and overall it was a great flash. It would be cool though if you could add more DBZ music next time like Piccolo's theme or Earth Music and like if you could also incorporate not just the Android and Cell Saga but also items from the other sagas too. Again great job and I can't wait for the next flash!


That had to be the one of the greatest flashes Ive seen in awhile. I loved the sprites that you used as well as the music. The music was AWESOME!! Im a huge Naruto fan and everytime I heard a different song I was like nice I know this song so yea I am definetly adding this to my Favorites list. Oh yea so one more thing where did you download that last song and whats it called cause I know you named it in the flash but I wasnt able to catch it. Again great job and I can't wait till the next one comes out!!

Another Great Episode!

That was a great episode. I have been watching Xin since it started and Im glad to see that with each movie, the movies have gotten better. Keep up the good work. I cant wait till the next one comes out!!

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Oh man is that game addicting or what!

It's a very simple game. I got 85000. I just quit cause i couldn't take the addiction. Great game the only thing is that the music got really annoying, really fast. Remember that when your making your next game.

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